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Iomega Debuts USB 3.0 SSD External Drives

EMC-owned storage company Iomega has introduced a range of external solid state drives that use the latest USB 3.0 technology and have a capacity of up to 256GB.

The drives will still be compatible with the older USB 2.0 ports but will come into life when connected to USB 3.0 "SuperSpeed" ports and will deliver up to 10 times the transfer rate of USB 2.0 (that is a theoretical maximum of 4.8Gbps).

This translates into read speeds of up to 265Mbps and write speeds of 215Mbps, much faster than any spinning hard drives on the market.

Available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities with a SRP of $229, $399 and $749 respectively, the drives are aimed at users who demand high capacity and very high transfer rates regardless of price.

These include professional videographers, photographers and other creative professionals. Iomega has managed to shrink the drive to less than 9mm and adds that the drive can withstand falls of up to 10 feet without significant damage.

Iomega has included v.Clone for building disk images, Roxio Retrospect Express one year subscription to Trend Micro Internet Security, 2GB online backup via Mozyhome and Iomega's own QuickProtect for backup.