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Microsoft Attacks OpenOffice

Microsoft has released a new marketing video which targets the OpenOffice productivity suite, launched to rival Microsoft Office.

The video contains quotes from IT managers and school teachers complaining about the inadequacy of OpenOffice, which according to them, has no real support and gives document formatting woes every other day.

Microsoft also targets OpenOffice by claiming that Office is far more familiar and widely supported than OpenOffice, which has interoperability issues when it comes with Microsoft Office.

In the video, Microsoft quoted one school teacher claiming: “I've had students who turned in files that they've converted from OpenOffice with formatting problems that affects their grade.”

While OpenOffice does seem to have some issues while importing documents from Microsoft Office, people are not that unhappy with the software tool, which has the support from whole open source community.

Microsoft's attack on OpenOffice clearly indicates that the company considers OpenOffice as one of the most formidable competitors to its Office productivity suite.