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Nokia C7 available on-line

Finnish fone manufacturer Nokia has just opened up pre-ordering for their Nokia C7 handset, with a SIM free and unlocked cost of £389.

Nokia's on-line store will deliver the phone seven days from now, on September 25th - a full week before the UK general release.

The Nokia C7 was unveiled at Nokia World 2010 where the handset is a larger version of their C6 mobile phone, with upgraded features in a classic Nokia design.

The C7 comes with a 3.5-inch AMOLED touch screen display, slightly larger than the similar looking C6 budget version - which carries a cost of £229.

The sleeker C7 has similar features to its smaller sibling, with the new Symbian^3 OS, only there's an 8 and not 5 megapixel camera onboard that's capable of HD video recording.

There is more memory in the C7, with this handset shipping with 8GB of internal memory and the C6 only tips up with 200MB.

Nokia's on-line store also has the phone free on a contract, with Vodafone, O2 and T-Mobile starting from a £25 a month tariff. There's no mention of Three carrying the phone on the Nokia store, despite the network being the first to announce they will be selling the Nokia C7.

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