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Orange To Offer HD Voice On Samsung Omnia 7

Orange has announced that customers opting to purchase the Samsung Omnia 7 on its network, will be able to access the HD Voice technology on the Windows Phone 7 smartphone.

According to tech news site Slash Gear, Orange said that the upcoming Windows Phone 7 handset, one of the many that were launched last week, will be able to enjoy HD Voice technology that will allow users to make and receive high-quality voice calls.

Conor Maples, the communications manager at Orange, tweeted: “News just in: I've just heard the Samsung Omnia 7 (Windows Phone 7) will be HD Voice enabled on Orange in the UK.”

Earlier, the HD Voice feature was only limited to a some high-end Nokia devices and Samsung's own Omnia Pro.

Orange said that the voice calls between HD Voice compatible phones will result in less back ground noise, hiss and crackle. The technology has been developed by Orange, which has been trying ever since to convince other mobile carriers to adopt the technology as an industry standard.