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TSMC to premiere 28nm this year

The massive semiconductor manufacturer known as TSMC will begin limited production of 28nm wafers this year, putting the wind up rival Global Foundries' sails.

According to a report on the China Economic News Service, quoting sources in the business, CENS claims that Altera Corporation has put in an order for new FPGA and CPLD devices based on TSMC's brand spanking new 28nm manufacturing process.

The production, says the report, will take place at TSMC's Fab 12 - otherwise known as a GigaFab as it exceeds the 100K wafer/month capacity - on 12-inch wafers, although initially these will be produced in limited numbers.

Altera is one of TSMC's true believers and relies heavily on the fab company to manufacture for them marketable semiconductor solutions. Its latest solutions, like next generation of programmable circuitry, such as the Stratix V, are built on a 28nm process.

It also seems that, despite tight supply of 40nm product, Altera will not be seeking out the help of other fab companies to manufacture their products and will tough it out with TSMC, possibly resulting in it getting dibs on 28nm product.

Claims, however, that the process is actually early to market are highly questionable as the TSMC roadmap and guidance place availability of both the low-power and high-performance versions of said silicon in mid-2010... which of course, has come and gone.