UK Broadband Network Headed For 'Capacity Crunch'

New research conducted by the University of Southampton has warned that the UK's current network infrastructure will soon hit the "capacity crunch" point.

Owing to the rise of broadband deployment and use, doubts have been raised over the capability of UK's ageing network infrastructure to cope with the increasing demand for internet use.

Earlier, ISP Virgin Media had warned about a potential broadband crisis in the near future but the claim was refuted by BT and Sky, TechRadar reports.

According to the research conducted by David Richardson of the University of Southampton, the UK's current network infrastructure will succumb to the rise of broadband unless significant steps are taken to upgrade it.

Richardson said in a statement to the BBC: “The thought that the current fibre technology has infinite capacity is not true - we are beginning to hit the fundamental limits of the current technology. We need to be looking at the next big breakthrough to allow us to continue to scale as we have traditionally done.”