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UK Climbs To 18th In Cisco Broadband Rankings

A broadband study commissioned by Cisco has found that the UK is still lagging behind in terms of quality of net services.

The UK has climbed up in the list to 18th, up from 25th place last time. The study was conducted by the Oxford University's Said Business School and the University of Oviedo in Spain.

The Cisco study takes into consideration a number of factors, like the number of homes connected to broadband internet and speed and latency of the connection.

According to BBC News, the study has named Korea, Japan, Sweden, Latvia, Bulgaria and Portugal as countries having a broadband infrastructure that its ready for the applications of tomorrow, such as high definition internet TV and high-quality video communications.

UK on the other hand, has been placed in the category of counties that are "comfortably enjoying today's applications", which include the US, Greece, Poland and France.

The average broadband speed in the UK is pegged at 6.4 Mbps.