Adobe To Introduce Sandbox Security For Reader PDF

Adobe is planning to introduce a security sandbox system for its Adobe Reader PDF reader application.

According to tech new site The Register, the company is planning to introduce the sandbox feature in the newly launched Acrobat X in November.

The sandboxing mechanism will be a part of Acrobat X's Adobe Reader Protected Mode, which will run the PDF files in a very "restricted manner" within a closed environment.

The company announced via a blog post that the sandbox was based on software giant Microsoft's Practical Windows Sandboxing technique and was similar to Google Chrome's sandbox mechanism.

“Adobe Reader Protected Mode represents an exciting new advancement in attack mitigation. Even if an exploitable security vulnerability is found by an attacker, Adobe Reader Protected Mode will help prevent the attacker from writing files, changing registry keys or installing malware on potential victims’ computers,” Adobe's Brad Atkin wrote in the blog.