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Is Apple Afraid Of Google?

Steve Jobs made a rare appearance at yesterday's conference call to lay into Google and it only took him a few seconds to identify the search engine giant as the main competitor to Apple's rise to world domination, leaving some to murmur that Apple might actually be afraid of Google.

And according to the transcript of Steve Jobs' discussion published by Seeking Alpha, Apple's CEO, detailed why Apple iOS is better than Android without actually denying the fact that sales of smartphones based on the latter will soon outstrip that of the iPhone 4.

Lumping the iPhone, the iPad, the iPod Touch (and soon the Apple TV) together, Steve Jobs said that more than 275,000 iOS devices were activated on average each day which translates into around 8.25 million in the 30 days to the 18th of October.

It does however hide the fact that the iPhone possibly accounted for only around 157,000 units per day while the overwhelming number of the 200,000 Android devices being activated every day are smartphones.

Jobs though rightly points to one of the biggest obstacles that prevents Android from competing better with iOS, the fact that it is fragmented with the biggest players selling their phones with their proprietary user interface.

He also quotes Tweetdeck as saying that it has to deal with over 100 versions of Android with over 240 handsets while there's only two versions of the iPhone.

In addition Jobs said, others are creating their own app stores to compete with Google's marketplace, something that will cause confusion.