Apple Macbook Air To Come With Bigger Battery, Different Enclosure

It is looking increasingly likely that a new Macbook Air will be released tomorrow during Apple's "Back to Mac" event, with a second, smaller 11.6-inch model competing against the new generation of ultra thin Windows-based netbooks.

CultofMac reports that one of its sources confirmed that reports by Appleinsider and Engadget were indeed true and that the new version not only has a much better processor that makes it much "snappier" but also a bigger battery with a 10 hours autonomy.

The new model will also sport an aluminium body and will be boxier, not unlike the new iPhone 4, and will be thinner and lighter than the current model.

Interestingly, the source mentions that the new laptop would have two USB ports and a SD card, similar to the current generation of Macbook,.

Upgradability and pricing, two of the key weaknesses of the first generation of Macbook Air, are set to be addressed by the new models.

Both the onboard memory and the SSD will apparently be upgradable while the suggested retail price of the MBA, which was released more than one year ago, will fall significantly.