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Apple To Use War Chest For "Strategic Acquisition"?

Steve jobs said yesterday that Apple will be using some of its $51 billion it has amassed over the year to take advantage of one or more "very strategic opportunities" that may come along.

Some like Peter Kafka from Mediamemo (opens in new tab) believe that Apple will either go for something very big like Facebook (or even Twitter) or make massive capital expenditures like building huge data centres.

$51 billion will also allow Apple to buy ARM AND Adobe with enough money remaining to buy Facebook; we've already mulled about the tantalising prospects of these acquisitions happening here and here.

ARM is worth around $8.4 billion while Adobe Systems Incorporated is worth $14.3 billion although the valuations of both are likely to balloon should Apple express its interest.

It's also noteworthy that back in April, Apple had $42 billion in cash, rising to $46 billion in August which means that the company's war chest is growing at the rate of around $1.5 billion per month and is accelerating.

One thing is sure though, Apple shareholders will not get anything out of it as Steve Jobs has vowed to use the money to consolidate the company's position as a worldwide leader in technology.

Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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