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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Disc Stolen, Leak Feared

Copies of the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops game have been stolen from a pressing plant in Alabama.

The game's publisher Activision and software developer Treyarch are in the process of damage control, looking to shut down the leaks of the game on several known forums, according to Hooked Gamers.

According to rumours, the thief has sold the copies of the game to people looking to profit from an early leak of the game. One of the buyers of the stolen copy, Ungodly Leaker, is suspected to be the same person behind the Halo:Reach leak.

Ungodly Leaker, who runs a popular underground forum website, posted a photo of himself holding the stolen copy of the disc. When Treyarch's Josh Olin attempted to contact him, Olin was banned from the platform.

Olin eventually managed to get his message through to Ungodly Leaker that he would make sure that the forum was shut down if the game was leaked. Ungodly Leaker removed the thread from the forum and claimed that he never had the game in the first place.