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Fremantle Ups Stake In Ludia

FremantleMedia, the company behind the popular US TV reality show The X Factor, has enhanced its stake in the Canadian game maker Ludia in an attempt to mark its presence in the gaming market.

Under the deal, the company has acquired an additional 51 per cent stake in Ludia, adding to the 29 per cent stake it had previously purchased, making it the majority owner of the game company.

Ludia is known for making games on popular TV shows for a number of platforms including PC and iOS and has even made games for TV shows owned by Freemantle, such as The Price is Right.

The acquisition will allow Fremantle to further expand into the entertainment domains that exist beyond TV production.

Tony Cohen, chief executive of Fremantle Media, said in a statement to The Guardian: “Interactive gaming is an important way for Fremantle Media to diversify and this will increase our expertise and capability in this area, allowing both companies to develop even more successful consumer-facing entertainment across multiple platforms.”