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IPv4 Address Stocks Running Out

Regional Internet Registries are left with only 5 per cent IPv4 addresses, as organisations continue to avoid the transition to IPv6.

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority recently gave away two blocks of IPv4 addresses to APNIC, the RIR for the Asia Pacific region, depleting the stock of IPv4 address blocks to 12.

Out of the 12 remaining IPv4 address block, 5 will be distributed to 3 RIRs while the other 7 will be released accordingly.

As organisations refuse to move to the IPv6 protocol, there will come a time within the next year or so that there will no IP address left to allocate, having a serious impact on online business as more and more flock to the internet.

Axel Pawlik, chairman of the Number Resource Organisation, which gave the warning, said in a statement to V3: “We are down to five per cent of IPv4 and are really on the threshold of the internet's future. Those than don't step forward will be left behind.”