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Jobs : Five Reasons Why iPad Rivals Are Dead On Arrival

Steve Jobs spared a few minutes during last night's conference call to single-handedly destroy the argument that the forthcoming "avalanche" of tablets will prevent the iPad from extending its domination of the growing tablet market.

He gave five good reasons why he believed the iPad will ultimately win starting with the fact that there are only a few credible entrants with the overwhelming number of cheap Android tablets not worthy of being called iPad rivals.

Then there's the fact that most newcomers will have a 7-inch screen diagonal which offers only 45 per cent of the usable surface area of the iPad's 9.7-inch one. To put it otherwise, he said, the iPad screen is nearly twice as big as that of 7-inch models (like the Samsung Galaxy Tab).

Jobs also points out to the fact that the 7-inch model will be an inbetweener, something we pointed out when speaking of a giant iPod Touch nearly two years ago; oo big to fit in a pocket and purse and too small to compete with a normal 10-inch tablet.

He then lambasted Android which powers most of the tablets on the market. He underlined the fact that even Google didn't want tablet manufacturers to use the operating system, urging them instead to work for Gingerbread which will come later this year and told the audience that the number of applications designed for tablets for Android tablets is near zero.

He concluded by saying that because Apple designed everything by itself and did not rely on third parties to create the most vital components in its tablets; this might explain why the other tablets are so similar to one another, not unlike netbooks.