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MacBook Air to get upgradable RAM, 13-inch screen

Amid the avalanche of rumours about a MacBook Air redesign that is widely expected to be unveiled on Wednesday at Apple's 'Back to the Mac' media event are a couple of particularly choice tidbits from Cult of Mac's Leander Kahney. At least they're exciting for this prospective MacBook Air purchaser.

Along with what are becoming a widely agreed upon slate of features and specifications for the new Air, an outline of which I posted here yesterday, Kahney reports that an unnamed source suggests there could be not just one, but two screen size options for a new Apple subnotebook -- a faster and somewhat more expensive 13-inch model that
would appeal top pro users (and a lot of non-Pro users as well in my estimation), with a price leader 11.6-inch MacBook Air entry-level version selling for around US$1,000 that would better fit the budgets an/or size taste of students, casual users, and folks who put a
premium on light weight and a compact hardware footprint. Both models would support upgradeable memory and come with two USB ports — one on either side.

Kahney says he is personally skeptical about those price projections, doubting that Apple would want to price a premium model like the MacBook Air at the same point as Apple's entry-level consumer MacBook, and suggesting that price points of $1,100 and $1,400 for the 11-inch and 13-inch models respectively would be a more probable bet. I don't
disagree, but an alternate solution that dilemma would be for Apple to drop the price $100 or so on the white plastic MacBook.

The availability of a 13-inch display, upgradable RAM, and more than one USB port would all be points allowing a revamped MacBook to secure a spot on my shortlist of potential replacement systems for my current Core 2 Duo aluminum unibody MacBook, which, barring hardware failure, I intend on replacing in early 2012. My inclination is to not be an early adopter of revision A computer hardware, so the timing of a new MacBook Air being announced tomorrow would likely suit me quite well, with a good probability second revision units hitting the Apple Certified Refurbished channel just around the time ready to make my system upgrade move.