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Microsoft Anti-Zeus Tool Cleans 275,000 PCs

Microsoft has announced that its free malware detecting and removal tool has managed to wipe the Zeus botnet from 275,000 infected Windows PC.

The botnet is being widely used by cyber criminals who infect users' PCs and steal sensitive information, such as username, password and other banking credentials.

According to the company, it had added the Zeus botnet detection capabilities to its Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) last Tuesday.

Since then, the free anti-malware tool has successfully removed 281,491 copies of Zeus malware from 274,873 infected PCs. Microsoft said that 20.4 per cent of all cleaning performed by its tool was related to the botnet.

“To put this in greater perspective the removals of Zbot are almost as many as the removals of the #2 and #3 malware families this month combined (Win32/Vundo and Win32/Bubnix respectively),” Microsoft said.

The company also pointed out that 86 million Windows PCs had run its MSRT software therefore the number of Zues botnets removed was expected to rise further.