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Microsoft To Spend $500 Million On Kinect Marketing Blitz

Microsoft is set to initiate a massive marketing campaign for its Kinect motion gaming peripheral ahead of its launch in the US and European markets.

According to The New York Post, the company's controller free motion gaming device is backed by a marketing budget of $500 million, which will be spent on a movie-style marketing campaign.

Microsoft started planning the marketing campaign 18 months earlier with the help of Hollywood mogul Steven Spielberg.

Robert Matthews, general manager of global marketing communications for Xbox, said in a statement to the Post: “Kinect is the largest, most integrated marketing initiative in Xbox history, bigger than its launch. We are going to be spending millions to launch this globally”.

The company's marketing strategy will entail its Kinect device appearing on every available consumer product, from drinks cans, to cereal boxes and eateries.

Microsoft has also partnered with around 7,000 retailers, all of which have agreed to keep their stores open well past mid-night on 4 November, when Kinect launches in the US.