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Microsoft Warns Of 'Unprecedented Wave' Of Java Attacks

Microsoft has warned of an "unprecedented wave" of attacks on Oracle's Java platform.

On a blog post on the Microsoft Malware Protection Center page, the company said that attacks exploiting vulnerabilities affecting the Java platform have significantly increased in the past nine months.

The number of attacks on Java rose from half a million in the first quarter of 2010 to 6 million in the third quarter.

Microsoft's Holly Stuart wrote on the blog: “In fact, by the beginning of this year, the number of Java exploits (and by that I mean attacks on vulnerable Java code, not attacks using JavaScript) had well surpassed the total number of Adobe-related exploits we monitored.”

The company said that the rise in Java attacks in the third quarter were related to three major Java vulnerabilities, for which patches have already been released.

Attacks using two vulnerabilities in particular have increased from increased from hundreds of thousands per quarter to millions, Microsoft said.