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Microsoft's Ray Ozzie Resigns

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has announced that the company's Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie has decided to step down.

In an e-mail sent to all Microsoft employees, Ballmer said that Ozzie will remain with the company for the transition period and will then leave to pursue a "broader area of entertainment".

Ballmer didn't elaborate on Ozzie's plans for the future but commended him for everything he has done for the company.

“While Ray will be onboard for a while, I’d like to thank him today for his contributions to Microsoft, both as a leader and as a long-time Microsoft ISV,” he wrote.

The Microsoft CEO also said that the company will not refill the position of the Chief Software Architect, a slot which was earlier filled by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

Ozzie's departure from the company follows other high profile exist from the company, including business division president Stephen Elop, who joined Nokia as its CEO.