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Motorola Seeking Invalidation Of Apple iPhone Patents

Motorola has asked a US court to invalidate 12 Apple patents as part of the ongoing battle between Android handset manufacturers and the iPhone maker.

Motorola has filed an application for declaratory relief in which it has asked the courts to invalidate 12 of Apple's patents on the basis of prior art, which means that the methods cited in the patents were already being used by other phone makers when Apple was granted them.

The call to invalidate Apple's patents will directly affect Apple's patent infringement lawsuit against HTC, but has no bearing on the patent infringement lawsuit filed by Motorola against Apple.

The company said in the declaratory relief filing: “Like HTC, Motorola Mobility manufactures and sells mobile phones that also use the Android operating system, and Motorola Mobility has engaged in confidential negotiations with [Apple] regarding the licensing of [Apple's] intellectual property.”

Motorola said that owing to these discussions with Apple, and Apple's known legal stance against the Android operating system, it fears that it might be next in-line to be on the receiving end of court cases from Apple.