Netflix On The Ninetendo Wii Now Disc Free

The Nintendo Wii will now be able to stream TV shows and movies directly to user's TVs with the Netflix app, disc free.

When the service was first launched on the Wii in April 2010, Wii users had to request for a special disc in order to start streaming the service.

However, now, Nintendo US has announced that the whole Netflix experience will be simplified on the gaming console, by making the service disc free.

The announcement comes a week after Sony announced that the Netflix app on the PS3 will no longer require a disc to stream videos.

Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo America, said in a statement: “At this time of year, consumers have a near-insatiable demand for family entertainment, and this simplified Netflix access will help bring families together more quickly, more easily and in more ways than ever before.”

Nintendo also said that around 3 million Wii owners in North America had been using the Netflix app ever since it was launched.