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Nokia C7 Price Drops To £320

The Nokia C7 smartphone will be shipped on the 9th of November according to and the device will also be sold for only £320 including delivery, a whopping £69 less than the suggested retail price from Nokia Direct.

The phone was officially launched today and will be the second handset from Nokia to feature the Symbian^3 operating system; it will be the first however to come with the Nokia ClearBlack display.

Both the C6 and the C7 were unveiled at the Nokia World 2010 in September; the C7 will face stiff competition from the N8 and the Samsung Galaxy S, both of which are available for roughly the same price on PAYG and on pay monthly contract.

Both 3UK and Carphone Warehouse will be selling the C7 as well and T-Mobile currently offers the best deal on the handset with 600 minutes, 500 texts and 1GB internet download allowance for £25 per month.

However, given that you can get the Samsung Galaxy S for the same price, albeit with less minutes and half the data allowance, Nokia will have a very hard sell indeed.