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Nokia provides DAB radio to Symbian^3 phones

Mobile phone manufacture Nokia has unveiled a headset for Nokia mobile phones, which provides digital radio via the handset.

The headset uses the ‘USB On the Go' port of the new Symbian^3 mobile phones, which is part of the C7 handset, E7 and also the Nokia N8 phone. The same port can also provide access to common USB flash drives, by allowing the contents of those portable drives to be used by the handset without the need for a PC to be involved.

Nokia's Digital Radio Handset holds the DAB functionality, rather than the mobile phone itself - which means future Symbian^3 handsets with USB On the Go can also have access to digital radio from the same headset.

When in use, the Nokia mobile phone displays the channel, which can be changed from the control block that also accepts a regular 3.5mm audio jack, for a personal choice of headphones - rather than the ones provided by Nokia.

The Nokia Digital Headset also doubles up as a normal hands-free headset, where the regular hands-free calling and answering functionality of standard headphones are catered for.

The Nokia Digital Radio Headset will be available later on in the year, with a cost of £44.99 and allows access to over 50 DAB stations.

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