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Nokia Unveils DAB Headset For Symbian^3 Smartphones

Nokia has announced that it will be selling headphones that will allow users to tune in to radio stations that use the digital audio broadcast technology, commonly known as DAB.

The accessory, which will be known as the Nokia Digital Radio Headset, costs £45 and will be compatible with Symbian^3 handsets only when it is released later this year.

It will make use of the smartphones' native USB-On-The-Go feature to enable the use of extra hardware and software capabilities although it is likely that it will reduce the battery life.

This rather intriguing addition to Nokia's range means that some phones will sport the most complete array of multimedia offering on the market with OVI Music, FM Radio, DVB-H television and now DAB radio.

The advantages of DAB compared to traditional radio are well documented; reduced interference, clearer reception, better sound quality, the ability to show related data and in the case of Nokia's gadget, a smart tuning feature that picks up the best frequency of any chosen radio station.

The headset will also support the DAB+ standard which will apparently boost better sound quality thanks to a more efficient codec.