Operation Payback Hits UK IPO Site

The hackers behind the Operation Payback have downed the UK Intellectual Property Office's website as part of their protest against the anti-piracy measures taken up by the government and the media industry.

The Intellectual Property Office is a UK government department which advises media industry on copyright issues. The website was targeted by a number of distributed denial of services attacks sent out by the group of cyber protesters behind the Operation Payback attacks.

The group has claimed that it does not do vandalism but protests against "the reign of extreme pro-copyright" organisations.

Apart from the IPO website, the group is responsible for attacking websites belonging to law firm Gallant Macmillan, Ministry of Sound, ACS:Law, copyprotected.com and MPAA.

The DDOS attack on the ACS:Law website had caused the personal details of hundreds of UK broadband users to be leaked on the internet and revealed numerous breaches of the Data Protection Act at the firm. The leak could see ACS:Law having to pay up to £500,000 in fines.