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Orange Offers Samsung Galaxy Tab On Pay Monthly

Orange is the first mobile phone operator to offer the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet on a pay monthly although users will have to fork at least £49.99 as an initial outlay.

The company, which is soon to merge with T-Mobile to form Everything Everywhere, offers the tablet either on its Panther or Dolphin package for as little as £30 per month with an initial cost of £150.

For a total cost of ownership of £870 over two years, users will get 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB data allowance making it a rather expensive deal on par with the iPhone 4.

Other mobile phone carriers including 3 UK and Talkmobile, have already confirmed that they will be stocking the device albeit Carphone Warehouse hasn't confirmed whether it will offer it on contract.

Compared to the other large size smartphone/tablet, the Dell Streak, the Galaxy Tab offers a rather attractive alternative although it is significantly bigger and looks awkward when used as a handset.

Both Amazon and Carphone Warehouse are already taking preorders for the device which is priced at £530. Check our coverage of the Galaxy Tab here.