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Samsung Galaxy Tab Goes On Sale For £530 At CPW

Carphone Warehouse has started to take preorders of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet computer with the standalone price of the device pitched at £530, significantly more than what we've seen in the past.

The device, which Carphone Warehouse says will be delivered on the 1st of November, will also be available on the company's MVNO, Talkmobile, at a subsidised price of £499.99 with a £10 per month, one month rolling contract which offers 1GB monthly allowance.

The Galaxy Tab, otherwise known as the P1000, comes with a 7-inch 1024x600 pixels capacitive screen, a 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird ARM-based processor, 16GB onboard memory, 3G, Wi-Fi, Android OS 2.2 and two cameras.

Other features include support for Flash 10.1, a microSD card reader, a slew of proprietary and Google applications, Bluetooth compatibility, all weighing less than 400g.

The previous cheapest Samsung Galaxy Tab price is from Morecomputers, for £551.08. Whether Samsung has a winner on its hands remain to be seen especially as there are rumours that a cheaper 7-inch Apple iPad might be on the way.

Regardless of that though, the fact that the P1000 is being sold for slightly less than a 16GB 3G Apple iPad means that choosing between the two might not be as difficult a task as it seems.