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Stonesoft Warns Of New Threat To Computer Networks

A recent study has revealed that cyber criminals are using new evasion techniques to bypass network security systems.

Security firm Stonesoft warned that companies could suffer from huge data theft, including the theft of sensitive corporate data, owing to the new evasion tactics being used by cyber criminals.

The study, which was conducted by Stonesoft's Helsinki research labs, found that these new evasion techniques were providing cyber criminals with some sort of master key which lets them override almost every network security system.

Ilkka Hiidenheimo, the CEO of Stonesoft, told Computer Weekly that there were around 200 different new evasion techniques that allowed hackers to deploy an infinite number of attack methods.

“It does not matter what intrusion prevention systems are in place, because these master keys can bypass most of them,” he said.

The existing network security systems are not sophisticated enough to detect these evasion tactics and thus fail to detect the attack.