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Swype For Symbian^3 Released

The highly popular Swype application, which allows users to type by swiping their fingers on a virtual keyboard, has been launched for the new Symbian^3 OS running on Nokia's N8.

The application, which is available for download from the Ovi Store, is designed to enhance the typing speed on virtual keyboards.

Swype has already become immensely popular on handsets running on Google's Android mobile operating system. The USP of the application is that users don't have to lift their fingers while typing, as it traces the path of the fingers and forms words accordingly.

The application will come with other features that are also designed to reduce the writing effort. Swype features auto-capitalisation and spacing, along with intelligent editing and a custom dictionary amongst other features.

The software is also designed to allow users type around 40 words per minute - at least after a few days of practise.

Swype has plans to be featured on 50 smartphone devices by the end of 2010.