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US Looking To Implement Australian Cyber Security Model

The US government is studying a new Australian system, which has been designed to allow internet service provides to alert their customers if their computer system has been taken over by hackers.

According to The Washington Post, officials from the Obama administration are meeting with industry experts in order to chart out ways to increase online safety in the US.

The Australian program, which will be deployed in December, will not only let ISPs alert their customers, but will also limit their access to the internet if they don't fix the problem.

However, the government is considering coming up with a monitoring and reporting system which does not raise privacy concerns or is not opposed by the public.

According to White House cybercoordinator Howard Schmidt, the government is most interested in allowing ISPs to alert their customers if their system gets corrupted by malware or a botnet.

A botnet works by spreading from one system to another via internet.

Schmidt believes that the American people won't have any problems if ISPs are looking after their online safety needs.

Schmidt said in a statement to Washington Post: “Without security you have no privacy. And many of us that care deeply about our privacy look to make sure our systems are secure.”