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Western Digital Debuts 3TB Hard Disk Drive

Western Digital (WD) has unveiled its first 3TB hard disk drive, one which it calls the world's largest capacity SATA hard drive which in itself is not entirely true because Seagate already released a 3TB hard disk drive back in June.

The hard disk drive, identified as the WD30EZRS, comes with 64MB cache and is manufactured in Malaysia. It uses four 750GB platters and will be part of WD's Caviar Green family of SATA drives.

What separates the WD announcement from Seagate's is the fact that the former is an internal hard disk drive while Seagate has only announced a 3TB external hard disk drive as part of its FreeAgent Goflex family.

The WD30EZRS has a 3Gb/s interface, spins at 5400RPM, a 6w Read/Write power dissipation and consumes less than one watt during standby/sleep. The average read seek is quoted as being 15ms while the Average latency is set at 5.5ms.

There are already a couple of reviews up, one from Hothardware and the other one from Storagereview.

The latter notes that there will be some compatibility issues especially as Windows XP won't support it and non-UEFI systems will need additional hardware. Then there's the fact that it will be more expensive to buy simply because it is the top of the range model.

A 2TB hard disk drive can be purchased for around £75 including delivery from the likes of Amazon and Ebuyer while the cheapest 3TB hard disk drive costs more than twice the price. Unfortunately, it seems that WD's new 3TB monster will cost nearly £200.