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Western Digital shipping 3TB internal drive

Western Digital started shipping its 3TB internal drives today making it the first company to bring the large capacity spinning platter storage hardware to market.

The WD caviar Green drives have four 750GB platters crammed inside a 3.5 inch SATA chassis and come bundled with an Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI)-compliant Host Bus Adapter (HBA), which will enable the operating system to use a known driver with correct support for large capacity drives above the current 2.19 GB limit for PC hardware.

The 3TB version is currently on sale in the US at $239 (£152) or the 2.5TB version weighs in at $189 (£120). Those UK prices are based on exchange rate conversions so you can expect to pay another 20-30 per cent on top of that. Thinks dollars to pounds and you're getting close.