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£6.88 Per Month Nokia 1661 50m Ultd texts

The Nokia 1661 harks back to a day when mobile phones were a simpler and more user-friendly creature. Designed above all else to be a practical and reliable handset, the 1661 allows you to stay easily connected to those close to you.

The large TFT screen allows for crisp applications and messages, and an easy-to-use interface provides quick access to the built-in phone book, which includes space for up to 500 contacts, speed-dialling, auto redial and calendar.

Listen to your favourite stations on-the-go with the integrated FM radio, whilst handy tools like the built-in speaker phone, alarm clock, vibration alert and torch, provide everyday practicality. The Nokia 1661 is a no-fuss phone that simplicity built.

The Nokia X2 smartphone is available from Buymobilephones from £6.88 per month after a £75 automatic cashback on a two year contract with 50m, unlimited texts on O2.