Android Gingerbread Details Revealed

As the launch of the highly awaited Android 3.0 Gingerbread looms nearer, speculation about the capabilities of the new OS are on the rise.

According to Phonedroid, the new Android OS will come with some new features, set to not only revamp the Android experience on smartphones, but will also mark its entry into tablet devices.

The tech news site speculates that Android 3.0 will come with video chat capabilities similar to Apple iPhone 4's FaceTime and a webOS like interface.

Another important update to the OS will be that OEM's like HTC and Motorola will not be able to add their own UI's built around the Android OS. HTC offers Sense while Motorola has MotoBlur.

Devices powered by Android 3.0 will deliver better speeds and enhanced CPU performance and will be powerful when it comes to hardware.

Google also plans to add popular Google Apps like Gmail, Maps, YouTube and Calender as extended versions of the OS, which means that consumers will have to rely on service providers to receive Google Apps updates.