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Android Leads Apple In Mobile Ad Sales

According to the data released by mobile advertisement firm Millenial Media, the revenue from mobile ads on Android platform was far greater than that on Apple's iOS.

The company revealed that even though the revenue was higher on Android, Apple's platform managed still has lead it when considering ad impressions.

On Millenial Media's ad network, Apple accounted for 30 per cent of market share related to hardware impressions. Apple's iPhone managed to rake in 46 per cent of ad impressions compared to the 29 per cent seen on Google's Android platform.

When it comes to revenue, Android smartphones made more money that Apple's iPhone platform. The company also found that average fill rates, click-through rates and prices were higher on Android applications compared to the iPhone.

Millenial Media's CFO Michael Avon wrote in a blog post: “We believe this occurred because there are fewer applications available on Android than on iPhone (though the gap is narrowing), and the mix of applications available on Android is still different than the mix on iPhone.”