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Apple 'Back to the Mac' event gets live stream

We were just wondering why on earth Apple had decided not to provide a live stream of tonight's Back to the Mac announcement when an email popped into our in-box.

Never a company to miss out on a dramatic entrance, Apple left it until the last minute to announce that the even will be streamed live at 10am California time, but only if you have a Mac running OSX 10.6 or another Apple device running iOS4.

All you PC-toting readers will either have to wait until the keynote is upped on the Apple web site - usually an hour or so after the event has ended - or come back here where we'll have a virtually-live blog for your edification.

We're a bit sick of all the specualtion surrounding the event so we're not going to add to it. Just get back here at 6pm UK time and all will be revealed... as fast as our two finger typing can manage.

We'll save you a good seat near the front