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Apple forum gaffe confirms iLife 11

The rumours have been rife, but a slip-up on seems to reveal what everyone was expecting... iLife 11 is on its way.

Forum moderators on Apple's own discussion site seem to have jumped the gun a bit by starting threads about iMovie 11, iPhoto 11 and an as-yet un-named third product which we are assuming is OSX 10.7, almost certainly to be codenamed Lion if the image above is anything to go by.

Steve Jobs will reveal all in a keynote speech later today but it seems like Apple's legendary secrecy is showing some cracks.

If you are the sort of person fond of listening to conjectural babble on the Internet, El Jobso will announce a new 11.6-inch MacBook Air, OSX 10.7 Tiger, iLife 11, a refresh of the MacBook range, upgraded Mac Pros and iWork.

He won't say anything about the iPhone 5 or a seven-inch iPad.

As always, please administer a large bucket of salt before believing any of the above.