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BT Planning 110Mbps Fibre Broadband Service

BT is planning on offering a 110 Mbps broadband connection in the UK under its Openreach division from spring next year.

Tech news website PC Pro has revealed that BT's Openreach wholesale arm will be offering the super-fast FTTP to other ISPs for a UK wide roll out.

Although the connection is designed to offer 110 Mbps of internet speeds, BT clarified that users will be able to get download speed of 110 Mbps and upload speed of 15 Mbps.

A BT spokesperson said in a statement: “Communications providers advertising 100Mbps, that's exactly what consumers are going to get. You're going to get 100Mbps, it's not an 'up to' service.”

However, the BT spokesperson also said that users will not be able to get download speeds of 100 Mbps round the clock. When the network is strained then each user will get a "prioritised rate downstream bandwidth capability" of 20 Mbps.

BT plans to offer to connections to ISPs for £258.48 annually or purchased alongside a voice for £157.80 per year.