Kaspersky Website Hit By Hackers

Cyber criminals have attacked the website of anti-virus software vendor Kaspersky to try and trick people into downloading malware infested fake anti-virus software.

According to Kaspersky, the perpetrators used a bug in the web technology used by the company's website to trick users into downloading the fake software.

The company refused to disclose the vulnerability but said that it was found in a third party application used by the website.

Kaspersky said that people visiting the official company website were redirected to another website which caused a pop-up to open, which pretended to scan the users' computer for viruses. Naturally, the scan reported that the system was infested with viruses and prompted users to download the software.

The company said that the attack, which happened on Sunday, did not compromise user information.

In a statement to PC World, Kaspersky said: “Our researchers are currently working on identifying any possible consequences of the attack for affected users, and are available to provide help to remove the fake antivirus software.”