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Medal Of Honor Sells 1.5 Million Units In Five Days

EA has sold more than 1.5 million units worldwide of its newest Medal of Honor game within five days of its launch.

The game has been on-sale in the US for five days while it has been available in Europe and Asia for two days. Medal of Honor also debuted at the number 1 spot on the UK gaming chart.

The popular first person shooter game is being being offered in a rebooted avatar involving the ongoing conflict between US and UK troops in Afghanistan. Earlier, the FPS featured an World War II like game play scenario.

However, the game has had its share of controversy when UK's Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox criticised the game for being un-British by allowing gamers to role-play at the Taliban out to kill US and UK soldiers in the game.

EA was forced to change the name Taliban to 'The Opposing Force' fearing backlash from consumers and the government.

EA president Frank Gibeau, said in a statement to MCV: “Medal of Honor is one of EA’s most storied franchises and we’re thrilled to see that fans worldwide have embraced it. In this ultra competitive category, Medal of Honor stands out from the pack.”