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Radioplayer gets December launch date

The UK will soon have a single source for up to 200 radio stations from both the BBC and commercial broadcasters.

Radiolayer is a joint venture between the BBC, the Guardian Media Group, Global and RadioCentre and will launch in December with an as-yet undisclosed roster of stations.

Eventually the service will offer as many as 200 stations but the theoretical limit will take some time to reach as new stations sign up.

The enterprise will be funded by the stations themselves which will pay a fee to be included in the Internet stream.

The service will operate in much the same way as the Beeb's iPlayer offering, with the added bonus of lots of irritating adverts no doubt.

With more and more local radio stations being swallowed up by awful syndicated garbage, perhaps we'll see a return of regional programming.

You never know... we might even get some music that wasn't slapped together by one of Simon Cowell's computer-operating minions.

Check out the video below for a demo or check out the web site.