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Rural Broadband Plans Survive Public Spending Cuts

The planned UK rural broadband roll-out will not be hit by the cuts announced in the government's Spending Review.

According to the BBC, the rural broadband plans were one of the few public spending initiatives that was not cut in the Spending Review, which will slash £83 billion from public spending.

The BBC has decided to provide financial aid to the government's rural broadband plans, by pledging to invest £300 million of the £530 million project.

The rural broadband project will look to bring faster internet speeds to 2 million households, which have so far had to make-do with slower dial-up connections.

In order to connect the whole of Britain with broadband, cooperation between various sectors of the economy will be necessary.

“With private sector investment limited to commercially attractive areas and public sector funding limited full stop, it's up to us to work together - private, public and community sectors, to make sure Britain creates the broadband infrastructure we need for the future,” Malcolm Corbett, chief executive of the Independent Networks Co-operative Association, said in a statement.