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Samsung accessorises the Galaxy Tab

South Korean electronics giant Samsung has announced a range of accessories for their Android Galaxy tablet device, the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is due to arrive on November 1st, where these add-ons to the device are said to enhance both its functionality and also its overall usefulness.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab arrives with a 7-inch TFT LCD touch screen, running a 1GHz processor and tips up with the Android ‘Froyo' 2.2 OS - with a front facing camera , for video calling.

The first accessory to be unveiled is a portable keyboard with a built-in docking station, which is excusive to the Carphone Warehouse for a period of time. The 83-key device holds the screen in portrait mode whilst offering up a charger, with a 3.5mm audio jack for £69.99.

Other notable products from Samsung are a similar device to the above, under the name of a Multimedia Desk dock that arrives without a keyboard but has an accompanying miniHDMI socket with a cost attached of £39.99.

There is also a notebook stand, a leather and a silicone gel case, along with portable speakers, headphones and memory cards up to 8GB, travel adapters, USB and TV out cables - with costs ranging from the 2GB £8.99 card, to the £34.99 travel adapter.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab will be around from the start of next month, with a reported cost of just £529 SIM free and unlocked at the Carphone Warehouse with a veritable range of accoutrements.

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