Simplify your print driver environment

When it comes to printer management, it pays to keep things simple.

Staying on top of a diverse printing and imaging fleet can be a taxing job. If you mix and match models from different manufacturers in an ad hoc, haphazard way, you could be storing up a headache for you technical support staff.

With a diverse range of printing devices on your network, IT support staff will spend more time and effort maintaining and upgrading a range of different driver software - as well as coping with a range of different supplies and consumables.

You can can significantly reduce the workload of your support staff by keeping things simple. Opt for devices from the same manufacturer to ibcrease familiarity and cut down on the range of software that needs to be deployed.

Particularly useful are devices that are compatible with a universal device driver system that enables a single piece of software to work with a range of different devices.

With simpler installation, upgrading and maintenance, your IT staff can concentrate on tasks that add value to your business.

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