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UK Culture Minister Urges BBC To Help Make Digital Radio Switchover Happen

UK's Culture Minister Ed Vaizey has urged the BBC to play a major role in Britain's transition from traditional radio to digital radio.

Speaking during the Radio Festival in Manchester, Vaizey said that it was important to help the radio industry and the consumer to switchover to digital radio, and that the BBC could play a major part in it.

He claimed that the BBC was the "matriarch or patriarch" when it comes to funding and supporting the digital radio roll out in the UK. However, the government is still considering how to go about the expansion plans for digital radios in the UK.

According to the targets for the digital radio roll out in the UK, by 2015, 50 per cent of Britons should be listening to digital radio and DAB's coverage across the UK should be equal to that off FM radio.

He said: “The BBC has to work with me on coverage. I am talking to the BBC and I hope to accelerate the pace of digital radio coverage.”