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Verizon Wireless To Sell Samsung Galaxy Tab For $600

Verizon Wireless and Samsung are taking a huge gamble by selling the Galaxy tab for $599.99, a price that doesn't include any subsidy and therefore is not linked to any data plan, which could add as little as $20 per month to the initial outlay.

Apple's iPad is also being sold on Verizon Wireless with a starting price of $630 although they will come with a Verizon MiFi 2200 mobile hotspot with the 1Gb monthly access plan costing $20 per month. Note that the Verizon iPad tablets are non 3G ones unlike the Galaxy Tab which comes with 3G by default.

The tablet will come with Verizon Wireless's V CAST Music and Song ID mobile applications together with VZ Navigator and a host of other Verizon labelled apps as part of Big Red's push to offer "hundreds of applications" for businesses and consumers at launch.

The announcement also unfortunately highlights the glaring gap between UK pricing and US pricing with Carphone Warehouse's £530 ($832) being the cheapest in the country.

We also reported yesterday that Orange appears to be the first mobile phone operator in the country to sell the tablet on a pay monthly, 24-month contract with a package including 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB data allowance costing £870 over two years (or £36.25 per month).