Why A3 printing can be good for your business

Ask most office IT managers what the top of their wishlist is, and we'd bet that very few of them would say an A3 inkjet printer – and yet printing to larger paper sizes can be much more useful and cost-effective than you’d imagine.

You don't have to be a specialist design business to benefit from A3 printing in-house.

Outputting high-quality prints in the office can be a great way to save valuable budget on short runs of documents such as marketing materials – and with an A3 printer, the range of jobs you can tackle gets much broader.

Using an A3 inkjet, you can make a professional job of printing posters and point-of-sale materials, laminating or mounting them in-house for a fraction of the price you’d pay the local print shop.

Printing such documents yourself will also allow you to customise them to suit individual retailers or partners, enhancing your business relationships and providing greater value to your customers.

Larger printed output also creates greater impact, making it ideal for impressing clients with your sales pitch, or gathering a group of people around to discuss.

And you needn’t stop there. A3 printing can come in handy more many jobs within the office too.

With an A3 printer, there'll be no need to squint at the tiny figures on complex spreadsheets you’ve condensed to fit on an A4 page, or shuffle bits of paper because you've split it over multiple pages.

Printing them on A3 means you’ll have all the information you need on a single page – with the ability to highlight key figures in colour for easier reference.

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