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Will EA Buy Angry Birds Publisher?

Entertainment giant Electronics Arts looks set to make an offer for UK-based Chillingo, the publishers of Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, which are major sellers on Apple's iOS platform.

Kara Swisher of ATD says that Electronics Arts might want to add Chillingo to its list of acquisitions after having purchased Playfish in 2009 for $400 million.

Swisher says that Chillingo might be worth up to $200 million and lists the likes of Gameloft, Activision Blizzard, DeNA, Microsoft and even Intel as being potential bidders.

Cut the rope, the publisher's latest hit game, has managed to sell more than one million copies in less than 10 days making it the fastest selling title since the Apple App store has been launched.

It has also announced that it would be developing games for other platforms including Google's Android as well as dip its toes in building an open social gaming platform called Crystal.

Pocketgamer however points to the fact that Chillingo doesn't have the full IP rights for many of the games it publishes, something that could impede its growth in the future.