Zynga Sued Over Facebook Privacy Breach

Zynga, the largest game developer on social networking platform Facebook, has been hit by a class-action lawsuit for allegedly sharing personal data on million Facebook US users with third party online tracking websites.

The company, which is behind the popular Facebook game Farmville, has been accused of sharing the data of 218 million US Facebook users of, thereby violating numerous US federal laws and its contract with Facebook.

The class-action lawsuit, which has been filed in a San Francisco federal court, was brought forward by Nancy Graf of Minnesota. The lawsuit seeks monitory damages for everyone whose personal has been wrongly shared with online tracking sites by Zynga.

Michael Aschenbrener of Edelson McGuire LLC, the law firm representing Graf, said: “This appears to be another example of an online company failing the American public with empty promises to respect individual privacy right.”

A Zynga representative said in a statement to PC Mag that the lawsuit was without merit and the company intends to fight it "vigorously".